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"I love how calming Hannah’s paintings are. They suck you in and make you feel you’re experiencing a part of the world that’s unspoiled."

"When I first saw Hannah's work, I knew she was the one. Her use of colours and the textures and depth she was able to create brought me into the painting. She is an extraordinary artist with a superb imagination!"

"Stunning artwork - emotive, thoughtful and engaging. Just beautiful."

"Inspiring work. Powerful and contemplative. Resonates long after you walk away."

"Hannah's art is thoughtful, moody and beautiful. Her choice of colour palette works in every single piece."

"Extremely talented, beautiful work, beautiful person!"

"Hannah’s work is simple but calming and beautiful to look at. I’m so pleased with the work I purchased. Thank you, Hannah"

"I love your work! My husband and I chatted with you a couple of years ago and were amazed by your paintings. They are inspiring on many levels. Thank you!!"

"Always love your work, always very calming."

"I always love your work and in fact, it has inspired me to attempt loose slightly abstract seascapes."

"I relocated to Tasmania a few years ago and was blown away by the artistic talent in this beautiful state. Hannah Blackmore was the first Tasmanian artist that I discovered and I really resonated with the moody, soft tones she uses to convey the ever-changing weather patterns and landscapes. Since then I have joined Hannah's mailing list where she shares beautiful new work. If you want to be inspired, get artistic advice or just admire beautiful images... Hannah Blackmore is a must."

”These paintings are soul food, which is especially welcome in these darkest of days… They are a gentle reminder that we will reach the sanctuary of calmer waters in the not-too-distant future… they are a meditation on the healing power of light and eternity.”



“You have captured the light and desolate isolation beautifully. Thank you”

“I like how you have blended the colours to make an ocean-like effect. Thank you”

“I feel like I’ve seen Antarctica in a way I’d never be privy to otherwise. Every piece transports you to a different slice of Antarctic paradise. I get lost in the landscapes you create!”

“They are absolutely beautiful! Really wonderful to look at.”

“Lovely use of texture of the fast-drying acrylic.”

“Really lovely exhibition, Hannah. The light and textures are great.”

“Absolutely picturesque.”

“Beautiful work that draws you in and transports you.”

“Incredible. So evocative.”

“I really liked this exhibition because of its amazing colours and how it looks alive.”

“We love the exhibition and the gallery itself. Wonderful Turner-esque use of light.”

“Love your work, Hannah. Great paintings, love your style and technique.”

“We came to say hello as we so love your painting that we purchased the year before last. We love your new work too!”

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