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Hannah Blackmore, born in 1978, originally hails from Jersey in the Channel Islands but currently resides in Hobart, Tasmania. She works as a full-time artist, operating from her studio situated in Salamanca Arts Centre. Hannah's artistry focuses mainly on painting abstract seascapes, drawing inspiration from the coast.


Through her art, Hannah explores various techniques and colours, presenting nature in unique and diverse ways to her audience. She has been actively involved in art since childhood and decided to pursue it full-time in 2015, with her work evolving significantly over the years following her completion of a Fine Arts degree.


Aside from her passion for art, Hannah has also studied business and is deeply committed to supporting fellow artists in this area. She has authored a book called "This Business of Art" for this purpose.


Hannah invites visitors to her studio in Salamanca Arts Centre and encourages them to schedule a visit. Additionally, smaller paintings are available for viewing at the Off Centre Gallery located on the ground floor of the Salamanca Arts Centre, open daily.


To get in touch with Hannah, send an email to or follow her on Instagram at @hannahblackmoreartist.



Growing up in a creative family, I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged my artistic aspirations. I pursued my passion and earned a Fine Arts Degree in the UK, spending three enriching years visiting various European cities and exploring their museums, galleries, and cathedrals. Upon graduating in 2000, I was excited to launch my career as an artist. However, I quickly realised that I lacked the business skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Feeling lost, I took a year off to travel around Australia, during which I discovered my interest in health and began studying Nutritional Therapy in London. Though I enjoyed my work, I felt unfulfilled and out of sync with my true calling.

It wasn't until I met my future husband, who was visiting from Hobart, Tasmania, that I found my true home. After falling in love with both him and Tasmania, I made the decision to move there and start a new life. While waiting for my visa, I rediscovered my love for painting and found that it filled me with a sense of creative fulfilment. Determined not to live a life of regret, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an artist and opened a small studio in Salamanca Arts Centre.

Though the beginning was challenging, with inconsistent income and a tiny, windowless space, I was confident that I was on the right path. Over the next eight years, I held ten solo exhibitions, sold hundreds of paintings, and built a community of over 4000 people. In 2018, I joined a business education program called Business Blueprint, which transformed both my business and my life. Through the program, I discovered that business and creativity could be compatible and decided to share my story to help other artists achieve their goals. My book, This Business of Art, was born.


My artwork is deeply inspired by water, which I find calming and healing. I experiment with different painting techniques to capture the essence of the sea, sky, and clouds, using palette knives and plaster to create texture. As I paint, I allow the process to guide me, often discovering intriguing elements by accident. After twenty years of experience, I've learned when to stop painting and avoid overworking a piece. 


My studio, located in the heart of Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart, is where I sell my work, as well as through my solo exhibitions, Off Centre Gallery, and my website. If you have any questions about my art, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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