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Hannah Blackmore is a Hobart-based painter who creates abstract coastal landscape paintings in acrylics. Her work primarily explores the beauty of light, colour, and atmosphere in the landscape.

Hannah was born and raised in a creative family in Jersey, Channel Islands. She was exposed to art from a young age and discovered the work of French impressionists like Degas, Renoir and Monet, which first sparked her interest in painting. 


Immigrating to Tasmania in 2012, she rediscovered her passion for painting. She applied for a studio space at Salamanca Arts Centre and has been painting full-time since 2015. 


Hannah has travelled extensively throughout Australia and now resides in Hobart, which she is happy to call home. Her love for nature and travel prompted her to focus on the landscape genre of painting. Never too far from the ocean and beaches, she enjoys exploring and painting Tasmania's picturesque and often wild coastal scenery.


Her art now lives in countries all over the world and she enjoys working as an independent artist. She has also authored a business book for artists called ‘This Business of Art: How To Become A Professional Artist.’


When not in her studio painting, she loves having coffee with her husband and spending time with her giant Leonberger dog, Oscar.



Instagram: @hannahblackmoreartist



Is there anything more magical than how light transforms land and water as it moves across space? I am inspired to capture this intangible beauty of light in my abstract acrylic paintings, which celebrate places filled with light, colour, and atmosphere. 

When seeking a subject matter for painting, I find beauty in various settings - from empty beaches to rolling hills. Living in Tasmania offers me rich and diverse material, from misty mountains to stunning beaches to rugged wilderness. I also love incorporating calming narratives centring on peace, simplicity, and minimalism into my landscapes.

As a landscape artist, one of the joys for me is travelling to different places and experiencing them through my observations, sketches, and photographs. I bring all this back to my studio, where I recreate those scenes and moments intuitively on my canvas. It is a process of close observation combined with imaginative exploration. 

Ultimately the common thread that runs through my work is that I use beautiful light, harmonious colours, and painterly textures to convey that sense of place to the viewer. This way, I want to invite my viewers to rediscover the essence of nature and the inherent beauty surrounding us when we take a step back and focus on the here and now.

My studio, located in Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart, is where I sell my work, as well as through my solo exhibitions and website. You are welcome to visit my studio by appointment. If you have any questions about my art, please get in touch.

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