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Painting Tasmania: Capturing the Essence of a Unique Landscape

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

As an artist, my creative process has evolved significantly over the years. With growing confidence and a deeper trust in my artistic instincts, finding inspiration has become easier than ever before. Today, I want to share with you the journey I undertake to create paintings that not only capture the colours of Tasmania but also evoke the emotions and essence of this remarkable place.

Photography: A Glimpse into Inspiration:

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and it plays a vital role in my creative process. As a landscape painter, I find myself constantly drawn to the captivating scenes that unfold before me. Armed with my trusty iPhone, I capture anything that sparks inspiration - a close-up of a eucalyptus tree, a fleeting moment of mist dancing over the mountains, or the intricate patterns formed by water and sand.

Using Photos as a Launchpad:

While these photos serve as a loose starting point for my artwork, I don't aim to recreate them in their entirety. Instead, they act as a catalyst, providing me with a combination of colours and a sense of place. Tasmania is more than just a visual experience; it's a realm of varied moods and emotions. It's about how the light dances across the landscape and how the sky transforms from one moment to the next. These subtle nuances come from within, from my own personal connection to this wondrous land.

Embarking on an Abstract Journey:

Armed with my photographic references, I embark on a creative journey that takes me beyond mere representation. The original photo becomes a launching pad for exploration, as I allow the artwork to guide me where it wants to go. The colours and textures take centre stage, merging and intertwining to form an abstract landscape or seascape. The horizon and cloudy Tasmanian sky make their appearance, adding a touch of familiarity, yet the finished piece becomes something entirely new and distinct.

Capturing the Essence of Tasmania:

As the painting reaches its final stages, I am reminded of the profound sense of being in Tasmania. The amalgamation of colours on the canvas transports viewers to this extraordinary corner of the world, allowing them to feel what it's like to stand on its shores or wander through its awe-inspiring landscapes. Each brushstroke is a celebration of the unique beauty that Tasmania holds, reminding us all of how fortunate we are to either visit or call this place home.

My artistic journey is one of constant growth and discovery. From my humble beginnings of capturing snapshots with a phone camera to transforming them into abstract representations of Tasmania's splendour, every step of the process holds its own magic. Through colour, texture, and emotion, I strive to create artwork that transcends mere visuals and truly immerses viewers in the essence of this remarkable land. Tasmania, with its vibrant hues and ever-changing landscapes, serves as an endless well of inspiration, and I am honoured to capture its essence on canvas.


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