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Learning from Role Models: The Impact of My Mother's Artistic Journey

Updated: Jun 22

Growing up with an artist as a parent provided a unique and enriching perspective on the world of art. My mother, an accomplished artist, was not just a role model but a constant source of inspiration and guidance. Her artistic journey significantly influenced my artistic development and taught me invaluable lessons that continue to shape my career today.

A Living Example of Dedication

From as early as I can remember, my mother’s studio was a place of magic and creativity. Watching her work, I was captivated by the transformation of blank canvases into vibrant, expressive pieces. Her dedication to her craft was evident in the countless hours she spent perfecting her technique and exploring new ideas. This unwavering commitment taught me the importance of persistence and the value of hard work in achieving artistic success.

My mother’s journey showed me that becoming a successful artist is not an overnight feat. It requires patience, resilience, and continuous improvement. I learned that every piece of art is a step forward, a part of a larger journey of growth and self-discovery. This perspective has been crucial in my own artistic development, helping me navigate the challenges and celebrate the small victories along the way.

Learning by Observation

Being immersed in my mother’s creative process provided me with an informal but highly effective education in art. I absorbed techniques, observed the use of colour and composition, and understood the importance of experimentation. These lessons were not taught in a formal setting but were learned through observation and participation.

One of the most profound lessons I learned from my mother was the importance of finding one’s unique voice. While she encouraged me to learn by copying other artists and mastering fundamental techniques, she also stressed the significance of developing a personal style. Her own work, distinctive and sought after, served as a testament to the power of unique artistic expression. This lesson has guided me in my quest to create art that is authentically mine.

Navigating the Art World

My mother’s career also provided a blueprint for navigating the often complex art world. I saw firsthand the importance of networking, building relationships with galleries, and understanding the business side of art. Her experiences taught me that talent alone is not enough; an artist must also be adept at marketing and promoting their work.

I watched as my mother interacted with clients, negotiated commissions, and managed exhibitions. These observations were invaluable as I began to forge my own path. They equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to approach the business aspects of being an artist, from pricing my work to organising shows.

The Power of Support

Having my mother as a role model also meant having a constant source of support and encouragement. She understood the struggles and triumphs of the artistic journey and was always there to offer guidance and reassurance. This support was particularly crucial during times of self-doubt or creative blockages. Knowing that someone who had walked the same path believed in my potential was incredibly motivating.

The impact of my mother’s artistic journey on my own development cannot be overstated. Her dedication, creativity, and business acumen provided a comprehensive education in what it takes to be a successful artist. More than just a role model, she was a mentor whose influence continues to shape my career.

For those fortunate enough to have artistic role models in their lives, embrace the opportunity to learn from their experiences. Observe their processes, absorb their wisdom, and let their journeys inspire your own. The lessons learned from watching my mother’s career unfold have been instrumental in my growth as an artist, and I hope to pass on these insights to the next generation of creatives.

Adapted from This Business of Art: How To Become A Professional Artist. Available from Amazon, Fullers and The Hobart Bookshop.


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