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Connecting With Colour

Updated: Jan 13

Have you ever felt drawn to certain colours and not known why? I find it fascinating to learn which colours people resonate with and why, it is some of the most interesting feedback I get from my paintings.

I love talking to the people who visit my exhibitions and learn so much from these interactions. I feel that colour is one of my strongest skills as an artist and something I have a heightened sense of in all areas of my life.

I am drawn to turquoise and find that a lot of my clothes and personal belongings end up being turquoise or teal. Which people find amusing as I often match my paintings. I find turquoise has a unique balance of being both energising and calming whereas other colours tend to be one or the other.

I watch people viewing my work and some are immediately drawn to the deep blues and turquoise which they feel uplifts them and energises them. Maybe they are feeling tired and a bit low, and these colours lift their spirits.

Others shy away from the brighter colours and are drawn towards the more neutral beach colours and calm seas. Maybe they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and these colours soothe them. Every person has a subconscious response to colour and knows which ones they like when often it’s just as much the ones they need.

Colours can be healing and nourishing, and connect directly to our emotions. It’s fascinating to me as an artist, that my paintings can have this effect. The subject matter of course has an input, and an energising sea or calm water can heal our souls too.

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