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Open Studio Days

Updated: Jan 14

Every so often, I open my artist studio to the public. I love inviting people into the place where I create my art and show my process from start to finish.

Some artists are private about their studios. For creation to happen, they must be alone and keep their place sacred to themselves. I love working alone in my studio, however; I love inviting people in to share it with me.

Artist studios are intriguing caves where magic happens, and it fascinates people to see what they look like inside. Some studios are covered in paint and dust, with materials stored in old jars everywhere. My studio is fairly tidy compared to most, as I have only had my current studio for just over a year and have otherwise been used to working in a tiny space.

My first workplace, when I was living in a tiny flat in the south of England, was literally a board across my bed, where I painted, using a nearby table for my materials. I then upgraded to the kitchen table where I worked for a few more years. I had to clear away my work each night before dinner, so I moved to the living room floor for a while. Getting my first (albeit tiny) studio was pure joy. It was finally a space to call my own, and although it had no window and very little natural light, I loved it. I could leave my work out, invite people to come and look (I could get three people in there comfortably), and decorate the walls with my art.

Moving into the studio where I am now was like moving into my dream house. Three times the size of the last one and a window (with natural light!) transformed the way I work, and it took my painting to the next level. I had space to store canvases, show my work, even add a sofa and a place to relax - important as I spent most of my time there. I was in heaven!

So now I enjoy my open studio days and love inviting people into my space to see my work. It's taken a while to get to this stage, but I have created a calm, quiet sanctuary where I can truly be myself.

You can see more of my work, along with pictures of my studio on Instagram @hannahblackmoreartist

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