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2023 - Year In Review

I’m currently packing my bags and getting ready to go to Jersey for Christmas (trying to get as many jumpers in as I can) as I try to remember all of the amazing things that happened this year. Here are some of the highlights!

Year in Review:

  1. Completed two solo exhibitions - Winter Wild and Breathe.

  2. Sold 125 original paintings independently without gallery representation.

  3. Created around 150 original paintings of different sizes.

  4. Introduced plaster into my painting process to add another layer of texture.

  5. Became a member of the Professional Artists Institute.

  6. Completed a course on how to work with Interior Designers

  7. Shipped four paintings to California, one to Oxford, England and another to South Korea.

  8. Celebrated six years of being a part of Off Centre Collective.

  9. Judged the Art Society of Tasmania’s annual show along with two other artists.

  10. Launched the print version of my book ‘This Business of Art’.

  11. Got This Business of Art book into Fullers and The Hobart Book Shop.

  12. The book sold out of The Hobart Book Shop THREE times!

  13. Rebuilt my website to be a more ‘responsive’ design with better eCommerce.

  14. Attended a 4-day Business Blueprint conference in August and worked as part of the team.

  15. Took the whole of March off when my parents came to visit.

  16. Spent my birthday on Bruny Island with my parents, my husband Steve, and Oscar, my giant dog.

  17. Supported my artist friends by visiting their shows, and organising artist tea parties and coffee catch-ups.

  18. Set up a small home studio so I could spend more time with my dog.

  19. Sent an email newsletter every month to my wonderful art collectors and friends.

  20. Posted every weekday on Instagram and some weekends.

  21. Hit 5000 followers on Instagram! Now 5600!

  22. Moving my work into abstract landscapes and exploring the colours of Tasmania.

  23. Held three successful Open Studio Days.

  24. Kept going. When things got tough and business was slow.

  25. Took the whole of December off to spend Christmas in the UK with my friends and family.

It’s truly amazing how fast time flies when you are busy and feeling inspired. 2023 was one of the best years yet for the studio, and I am already gearing up for 2024 to be even better, so stay tuned.

Happy New Year!!!


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