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Welcome to Hannah Blackmore Landscape Paintings

I am an acrylic painter focusing on the ever-inspiring landscapes and seascapes that surround me. Relocating from the UK to the stunning shores of Tasmania has ignited a profound appreciation for the interplay of colour and light, which serves as the bedrock of my creative process. 


My mission is to help you create a beautiful home, a sanctuary I deeply cherish and hold close to my heart. I've discovered immense joy in being at home, and it fuels my vision of sharing my art with homes across Australia and beyond. 


While my paintings may not be tied to specific geographical locations, they draw inspiration from the rugged Tasmanian coastline and the memories of my seaside upbringing. My passion for interior design and an evergreen connection to nature guide me as I play with diverse colour palettes. The horizon serves as my perennial starting point, from which I capture the ethereal beauty of clouds, the tranquillity of beaches, and the boundless expanse of the ocean or land. Exploring the rich and vibrant colours of the Australian landscape is a constant delight for me. 

Stay connected for studio news and be the first to see new work.


I’m Hannah and I’m an Australian Artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. I live in the gorgeous foothills of Mount Wellington with my husband Steve and giant Leonberger dog, Oscar.


I grew up in Jersey in the English Channel Islands and studied Fine Art in the UK. I have been working as a professional painter since 2015, with a studio in Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.


I specialise in abstract landscape and seascape painting with a focus on colour, texture and light. You are welcome to join my mailing list to get a first look at new work. I will let you know when the next open studio weekend or exhibition is happening. You are also welcome to arrange a private studio visit if you are in Hobart.



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