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Welcome! I am a Jersey-born, Tasmanian-based artist best known for creating seascape paintings in an abstract style.


My paintings exist in multi-layered fields of colour, texture and patterns found in oceans, beaches and skies.


I am influenced by nature's beauty and its effect on our well-being. My paintings explore themes of peace, colour and light, and how they resonate with us on a subconscious level.


In a world dominated by technology and consumerism, I want my paintings to relate to our universal human desire to feel connected to nature and the beauty of the earth.

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Originally from Jersey in the English Channel Islands, Hannah moved to Hobart in 2012. Since 2015, she has worked as a full-time artist, specialising in acrylic seascape painting, inspired by the colours and light of the coast. 

"The clarity of unfiltered morning light is a favourite starting point for my paintings. They are not location specific; but rather focus on colour and light, the feeling of being on the beach or by the sea. They invite the viewer to contemplate space and connect with colour, resonating with the landscape on a deeper, more subconscious level. Once you connect with the painting that speaks to you, it has a calming, almost therapeutic effect.

Find me on Instagram @hannahblackmoreartist 

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It took me a long time to become a professional artist, and I share my story in my book - This Business of Art, as I am passionate about supporting other artists on their journeys.


I also have a Facebook Group called This Business of Art, which welcomes all artists, and offers free business inspiration.

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