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Sea Fever: A Deep Dive into My Artistic Love Affair

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Artists are a curious bunch, each with their own unique reasons for choosing their preferred subjects. From landscapes to portraits, animals to abstracts, the art world is a diverse canvas of creative expression. Today, I want to take you on a journey through my artistic mindset and explore why I am irresistibly drawn to the mesmerising realm of seascapes. Hold on tight, because we're about to ride the waves of inspiration!

Beach Beginnings

Picture this: a small island in the English Channel, filled with untouched beaches and the salty breeze tickling your face. I grew up in Jersey, where stunning seascapes were a part of my everyday life. As a child, my adventures involved endless hours on the beach, playing with the dog and diving headfirst into the ocean. It became my happy place, a sanctuary of bliss. And guess what? I still can't get enough of it. Beach visits are my ultimate joy, and I daydream about the day I'll own a beach house.

Colours of the Sea:

The allure of the ocean isn't just about the sun, sand, and surf - it’s also about the vivid hues that dance upon the water's surface. Deep blues and mesmerising turquoise shades captivate me like nothing else. They energise my soul while simultaneously offering a soothing calmness. As an artist, I relish in capturing these enchanting colours on my canvas, alongside sandy shores and vast skies. It's a never-ending well of inspiration, and moving to Tasmania has only amplified my creative playground, with its different hues and magical light.

The Sea that Connects:

Ah, the sea - an invisible thread that weaves a connection between me and my far-away family. Although distance separates us, the sea I explore in Tasmania somehow intertwines with the sea they embrace in Jersey. It's a heartwarming connection that holds a special place in my art. And it's not just my family who feels this deep connection. The ocean resonates with countless souls, who find solace in my paintings. I adore knowing that my work brings a sense of calmness and serenity to others.

The Temptation of Landscapes:

Now, don't get me wrong, landscapes hold their own alluring charm. There are captivating colours and textures that I often dabble in from time to time. But no matter how far I wander through the meadows and hills, my heart always finds its way back to the sea. It's my tranquil haven, even when the waves are wild and the sky threatens to unleash its wrath. Exploring how other artists paint the sea offers me glimpses into their unique relationships with this liquid wonderland.

Sailing into the Unknown:

As I embark on this artistic journey, I'm determined to keep learning, experimenting with new techniques, and discovering captivating colour combinations. The sea has countless stories to tell, and I am eager to weave them onto my canvases, stroke by stroke.

In the grand tapestry of artistry, we each have our calling, our muse that beckons us towards our creative destiny. For me, it's the mesmerising seascape that holds my heart captive. From childhood beach adventures to the vibrant colours that ignite my imagination, the sea is my tranquil retreat. Its connection with my family and the soothing impact it has on others only deepens my passion for capturing its essence.

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Jan 18, 2023

Gosh yes, I feel the same way, reading this gave me goose bumps as I feel all the same feelings, my immediate family live in Tassie but my father was as attached to the sea as I am...I'm always drawn back to the sea, as much as I've loved the outback it's the sea that brings me serenity and clarity of mind. Wild or calm or anything in between it is infinitely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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