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Why Do You Paint The Sea?

I always find it interesting to learn why artists make the work they do. Why do some choose landscapes, others portraits, abstracts, animals and other subjects?

I’ve been thinking about why I paint the sea and what draws me to seascapes. I think it comes down to my early environment. I grew up in Jersey, a small island in the English Channel which has many beautiful unspoilt beaches.

As a child, I spent a lot of time on the beach, walking the dog, and swimming in the sea, so it’s always been my happy place. I still love visiting the beach as much as I can, and dream of owning a beach house one day.

I am drawn to the colours of the ocean, particularly deep blues and turquoise and find these colours both energising and calming. I love capturing the water with paint, along with sandy shores and vast skies. I feel I have an unlimited supply of inspiration in this area, and moving to Tasmania has given me a whole lot more coast to explore, with different colours and light.

I see the sea as a connection between myself and my family. Even though they live far away, the sea I visit in Tasmania is somehow linked to the sea they visit in Jersey. I love that connection. I have found the ocean resonates with many other people too, who find my paintings calming, and I love that my work makes them feel this way.

There are colours and textures in landscapes I enjoy too and I have explored these from time to time, however, I always find myself coming back to the sea. It is my peaceful place, even when the water is wild and the sky is about to fall. I enjoy seeing how other artists paint the sea as it gives me insight into their individual relationships with it.

I will continue to learn new techniques and colour combinations to create paintings of the sea.

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