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Where do you find inspiration?

Updated: Jan 13

I find I get inspired by many different things, and it’s more of a feeling I’ve learnt to recognise, rather than an actual thing. My paintings explore the themes of peace, colour and light. I strongly connect to colour and feel energised or calmed by certain combinations. Colour in nature has a powerful effect on me and is a major source of my inspiration.

Light and the way it falls on the sea and across landscapes also inspires me. I love photography and often try and capture these moments, so I can later recreate them in the studio. My desire for peace comes through in my paintings, as I love creating a peaceful environment to live in and find this resonates with others, too.

The coast and growing up by the sea have given me a strong appreciation of it, and the colours of the beach and ocean are my favourite palette. I often feel drawn to turquoise and aqua, as these have a healing effect on me.

I get inspired by other artists’ work and what I consider to be good art. It’s a feeling of excitement when I see something outstanding, and motivates me to keep painting and improving my work. I like being challenged by other artists who are further ahead of me. Frequently visiting exhibitions is an important part of my studio practice. We are lucky to be able to view art online and I love looking through Instagram for work I admire and supporting other artists this way.

Travel also opens my mind and gives me a creative boost. Visiting new places and different cultures, taking time out of the studio and seeing contemporary art always leaves me feeling inspired. Incorporating one of these practices daily, from cloud-watching to walking on the beach, visiting an art gallery or even just researching art online, helps keep my inspiration topped up, and provides me with a never-ending flow of creativity.

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