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What Is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive painting is a way of creating art that aims to explore and uncover aspects of the inner self. The idea is not to use specific techniques, but to let your creativity guide you instead.

There may be many different theories on what intuitive painting is, however, I thought I’d share what it means to me and my work.

I used to have quite a different style of painting to the one I have now. It was more realistic and I have since moved into abstraction. I used photos and compositions I found in nature.

Although I still love photography, I am using photos less and less as part of my painting process. Sometimes they form a starting point, a particular colour or composition, then the painting begins its own journey. I feel my way throughout the process and can feel when something isn’t right or needs changing. I also know when it is complete and feel when it’s finished.

I guess one way of explaining it is not only using your eyes to create a painting, but also your heart and soul. A little bit of each goes into every artwork, and it has the potential to connect with the viewer on a subconscious level without the need for words. There is something quite special about this process and I find the colours resonate with people’s energy levels, as they find themselves drawn to particular pieces. There is an expression of emotion embedded in the paint, and an overall mood or atmosphere within the finished painting.

I love the idea of intuitive painting as I have always used my intuition to guide me in life. It makes sense to use it in my work too and it is taking my paintings down an interesting path of development.

I am still learning to be an intuitive painter, and let myself be guided by colour and texture as I explore the themes of peace, beauty and light found in nature.

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