What Is A Professional Artist?

A professional artist is someone who has a gift to create and share something new with the world. The word ‘artist’ also means to make art, which is a term that relates to creative work.

Today, many artists are trying to create work for themselves and for their audience. With the help of technology, artists can get their message across much quicker and with less effort than ever before.

It is important for artists to remember why they’re creating art - because they want it to be seen by other people and sometimes in order to make money from it. Artists should keep producing pieces of artwork even when no one else likes it because even without support from others, the art will fulfil their creative needs and develop over time.

A professional artist is:

• A person who uses their skills and talents to create works that express their thoughts or feelings.

• A person who has been successful in the art industry for some time. They can sell their work consistently and make a living from art alone.

• A person recognised as a master of their craft by others in the industry.

Artists play an important role in society. People need art, whether it’s a good book, a beautiful painting, a thought-provoking movie, a delicious recipe or a funny photo to lift their spirits and enrich their lives.

Keep making art. You and your work are important.