The Best Business Tools For Artists

I went through all the apps on my phone and picked out the top apps I use as a visual artist.

These apps help me stay in touch with my customers, share recent work, organise my photos and files, and edit my images. There are so many great apps to choose from these days, it always helps to hear what other people are using. I hope you find something on this list which assists you as an artist.

Top Apps for Artists:

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Gmail

• Google Drive (or Dropbox, for file storage)

• Canva (for all your graphic design needs)

• Instasize (for photo editing)

• PhotoScan (by Google, an excellent free portable scanner app!)

• LastPass (to keep track of passwords and keep them secure)

• Grammarly (grammar software to aid with copywriting)

• Artrooms (digital interior designs for visual artists)

• Unsplash (royalty-free beautiful images)

• Rounded (keep your finances organised)

• Resizer (resize your images for your website)

• Trello (manage your projects and task lists)

• Spotify (for music while you work)