Ten Sales Tips For Artists

  1. Make it easy for customers to purchase your art and take it home/have it shipped.

  2. Create work based on how your audiences respond to it. But, always make work that fulfils you.

  3. Try and add rich storytelling value to your work and provide context that will enable buyers to make a decision. Consider adding a description about why the work is important to you. It's about knowing your work and sharing it with others.

  4. Try and photograph your work in situ - show jewellery and clothing on a model, show ceramics and 3D art with a white background or outside, show paintings and visual art in an interior setting.

  5. The only way to get people to notice your work is to tell them about it. And, while a lot of artists have an aversion to self-promotion, talking to people genuinely about your work feels more authentic. The best place to start? People who have already expressed an interest!

  6. Make work at a variety of different price points. By tracking the work that sells the best, you’ll begin to see how many pieces you need to create at each price point.

  7. Follow up with collectors in personal, memorable ways, such as hand-written cards or a special-edition reproduction of your most recent artwork.

  8. Use Pinterest to help drive new people to your website and public profiles.

  9. Communicate the value of your work. You don't always have to be looking for new customers, cultivate strong and authentic relationships with collectors through email lists and social media. Then, streamline ways that new people can find your work and start building those relationships over time.

  10. Keep a record of all your sales and where they come from - website, galleries, market, so you have an idea of what works best for you right now. It might change in the future, be willing to evolve your business model as your business grows.