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Exhibition: Song of the Sea

Updated: Jan 14

“ Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.” - Van Morrison

I grew up on the tiny island of Jersey in the English Channel. Growing up on an island gives you a deep appreciation of the sea. You experience its magnificence, its power, its beauty yet also its destructive nature on a daily basis. I have always felt a need to be close to the sea. It is part of my identity and centres me, wherever I may be in the world.

Now living on the larger island of Tasmania, I find new moods and inspiration in the coastline here, which has given my paintings a deeper appreciation of the ocean that surrounds me now.

I have always been drawn to water, and love exploring this through my work. I find it relaxing and enjoy experimenting with different painting techniques to try and capture it. I want my paintings to have a calming effect on the viewer, and be peaceful to live with. Art can heal, and we find ourselves drawn to the pieces we need the most.

Using a palette knife to create texture along with a dry-brush technique; I can create clouds, skies, beaches and seas. I enjoy seeing the paint go on its journey across the canvas and often stumble across areas of intrigue by trial and error, which sometimes end up in the final piece. It has taken me twenty years to know when to stop painting, when to let go and not overwork a piece.

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