Seascape Collection

I made a digital magazine about my work as an artist, growing up on an island, and a collection of my favourite seascape paintings. You can download your copy from the home and contact pages of my website if you are interested.

Here's a snippet:

Creating landscapes and seascapes in acrylic, my work allows me to continually explore new places and different painting techniques, inviting the viewer to see nature in different ways. 

Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, I come from a creative family and have made art all my life. My work has significantly evolved over the years since completing a Fine Art degree in 2000. I am forever inspired by the sea, and have much more to explore within this subject matter.

I seek inspiration from the environment around me, with the Tasmanian coast being a focal point. Growing up on an island gives you a deep appreciation of the sea. The light in Tasmania is completely different to the U.K., and this is something I strive to capture in my paintings.

As a resident artist of Salamanca Arts Centre, my studio is where you can most often find me. I also enjoy teaching and have a passion for helping other artists build businesses around their art through my latest project, This Business of Art.

Thanks for reading!