How To Create An Online Portfolio

We have a number of options now for places to create an online portfolio, and I suggest using a combination of these, including one that you own such as your website.

Here are my tips for creating a beautiful online portfolio:

  • Instagram! If you post regularly on Instagram, and do this consistently for a number of years, you have a great online portfolio of your work, which shows your artist journey. While you may now just be posting finished pieces, it's great to look back on and see how far you've come. The only thing is we don't own our Instagram profiles and while unlikely, Instagram could change the rules and disappear at any time, so we need to have other options too.

  • Website. This is a better option as we have more control over this, and it's an easy place to direct people to see more of your work. You can create a beautiful portfolio page (see mine) and highlight your best work. Ideally have a gallery style collection where people can click on each image to bring up a bigger image and a description. Research what other artists are doing. It's also easy to update it with new work and send a link to interested parties.

  • Artwork Archive. Is a platform for artists and place to archive your work and create a beautiful portfolio that you can make public and share with whoever you want. It's a paid subscription and also gives you many features such as recording the location of your artworks, if they sold then who to and for how much, manage your income and expenses, send invoices and receipts and generally keep everything organised! Check it out below.

  • Canva.You can also create your own document of images using Canva. Include your artist bio and links to your website and social media. Update it regularly with your best work. Make it attractive using your colours and fonts, along with a photo of yourself and your art. Save your most recent copy as a PDF and send it out to interested parties. This also makes a great lead magnet for your website!