How To Create An Artist Portfolio

I used to have a big photo album of all my work which I'd carry around and show to anyone who was interested. It contained photos of all my work over the years and people loved pouring over it and would spend ages looking at it. While I don't do that anyone, it's still good to have a little book of photos of your best work. Not everyone is online, and you may want to share what you do with elderly family members, or have a small portfolio to take with you to a gallery meeting.

Here are my tips for creating a beautiful offline portfolio.

  • Choose a high-quality blank book or photo album to suit your work. You may find your work looks good mounted on black paper, otherwise white is the safest option. It's up to you what size book you choose. You may go for a small album that is easy to carry around, or print large and go for the wow factor!

  • Make sure your name is clear on the front or on the first page.

  • Include a short and up to date bio of your work. Include your website and social media handles.

  • Print out some high-quality photos of your work. Choose a good cross section of your work and make sure it is your best and work you are proud of.

  • Start filling the book with photos of your work. You may want to include a few descriptions such as title, size and medium, although keep text to a minimum.

  • Make sure you update it regularly with new work.