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Brushstrokes and Mentos: Behind the Canvas at My Open Studio Day

Open studio days are a bit like throwing a party where the guests are as curious about your art as you are. It's a chance to peel back the layers of the artistic process and share the stories behind the strokes of my paintbrush. As an abstract landscape painter, every piece I create has a tale to tell, and there's nothing quite like witnessing how others connect with those narratives.

Before the studio doors swing open, I have my own ritual. It's a quiet dance with my artwork, a few moments to commune with the colours and shapes that have sprung from my imagination. It sets the stage for what promises to be a day of artistic dialogue. The studio must be a tidy stage, a welcoming theatre where each piece has its spotlight. Lighting plays a crucial role in casting the right glow on my creations, and ensuring there's enough breathing room around them allows their stories to unfold in the minds of my visitors.

Variety is key, not just in the artwork but also in the offerings. From postcards and prints to small originals and grand canvases, there's a spectrum of possibilities for every art lover. Business cards and free postcards are scattered like breadcrumbs, inviting guests to stay in touch. And let's not forget the bowl of Mentos, my signature treat – a little burst of sweetness to accompany the visual feast.

Customer experience is an art form in itself. A warm welcome, a smile that says, "I'm delighted you're here," and then the freedom to explore. It's a delicate balance of engagement and giving space, ready to answer questions or simply let the artwork work its magic. The studio becomes a haven, a space where people can immerse themselves in the world of colours and textures.

Planning future open studio days is on my horizon. Nestled in a fantastic location, my studio beckons art enthusiasts up a flight of stairs adorned with inviting signage. It takes some trial and error to find the sweet spot for timing, but weekends and evenings seem to be the canvas that captures the most vibrant strokes of interest.

Art is about relationships, and an open studio is a gateway to forging connections. Not just with customers, but with potential patrons and fellow art enthusiasts. Refreshments are optional; the art is the main course. And as for music, it's the unsung hero that breaks the ice, turning a silent studio into a symphony of creativity. Instrumental covers of popular tunes have proven to be the perfect backdrop.

Leaving a trace of connection is crucial. Email addresses become a bridge to the virtual realm, a way to continue the artistic conversation beyond the studio walls. Following up with gratitude is the final brushstroke, an expression of appreciation for those who stepped into my creative realm.

In the end, open studio days are a joyous celebration of art and community. With every stroke, every smile, and every shared Mentos, I look forward to hosting many more chapters of this artistic adventure.

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