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  • Hannah Blackmore

Back in the Studio

Hello, 2020! After a great trip back to Jersey to spend Christmas with my family, I am back in the studio and looking forward to painting again. It's good to take a break from it, although I miss it if it's too long! Painting on large canvases can be quite physically demanding on my arms, shoulders and hands so rest time is important and now I am ready to start again.

I usually paint for a few hours each day and alternate this with other studio tasks, such as making cards and prints, re-stocking galleries and chatting to other artists. All these things are important (even the chatting!) for contributing to the business of being an artist and making sure it all runs smoothly.

I listen to music or podcasts when I am painting, and sometimes prefer silence. Taking a step back and reassessing throughout can help me decide which direction to take an artwork. This large painting below is called 'Tranquillity', and will go into my next show in February, titled 'Song of the Sea'.