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Anticipation and Creation: Behind the Scenes of Breathe Exhibition

Updated: Aug 23

As the countdown to Breathe exhibition begins, the studio is a whirlwind of emotions and preparations. With just ten days left until the unveiling, I find myself surrounded by 25 carefully crafted paintings, each a reflection of my journey, emotions, and creative spirit. The studio is both a sanctuary and a canvas of uncertainties, a place where each stroke of the brush is infused with anticipation and a touch of uneasiness.

The Emotional Dance:

Gazing at the collection, a spectrum of emotions surges within me. Some paintings radiate a profound sense of completion, evoking a peaceful satisfaction that tells me they are ready to take their place on the wall. These pieces are a testament to the moments of artistic flow when everything falls into place, leaving me content and eager to share their stories. Yet, there are a few on the edge of uneasiness, lingering between finality and the potential for growth. These canvases, like whispers of thoughts not fully formed, may yet evolve into something more profound once they find their place on the gallery walls.

A Familiar Journey:

Breathe marks my 11th solo exhibition, and while I have traversed this path before, the uncertainty and excitement never wane. What remains a mystery is the audience's response. How many will be drawn to the show? Will they find resonance in the emotions I've poured onto the canvas? The unpredictability of art's reception humbles me, reminding me that nothing can be taken for granted.

Pre-Exhibition Hustle:

The final stretch leading up to the exhibition is a whirlwind of publicity and preparation. Invitations are meticulously sent to those eager to experience the collection firsthand. The website and social media platforms are abuzz with images and glimpses of what's to come. Behind the scenes, the paperwork is sorted, including artist statements, price lists, and digital catalogues, each detail an integral part of the presentation.

A Checklist for the Future:

With a checklist in hand, I dive into the upcoming tasks. Ensuring my website is up-to-date and packed with engaging content for the month ahead is crucial. Quotes that resonate with the exhibit's theme of slowing down and embracing the quieter moments are chosen to accompany the pieces. These profound words, like whispers of wisdom, aim to resonate with the souls of those who encounter them, sharing in the sentiment that drives the collection.

Anticipation's Reality:

The tension of anticipation is real. It's a harmonious blend of excitement and anxiety, a sensation that any creator knows too well. The desire to unveil the collection to my VIP list, those who get the first glimpse of my newest work, is palpable. The reactions of these early viewers serve as my compass, guiding my artistic journey. Learning from their responses and witnessing their interaction with my art propels me forward, breathing life into my creative endeavours.

The countdown to Breathe exhibition is an embodiment of emotions, from the unease of uncertainty to the exhilaration of sharing a piece of my soul with the world. As the opening day approaches, I embrace the dance between anticipation and creation, grateful for the journey and the connection that art weaves between hearts and souls.

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