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After The Storm: A Journey Into Peace

There's a moment, often right after a storm, where the world seems to pause, drenched in a quiet yet powerful calmness. It’s this fleeting but profound moment I aimed to capture in After The Storm.

Measuring 60cm x 90cm, this piece is an abstract landscape rendered in textured acrylic on a deep-edge linen canvas. It is a work born from my connection to the raw and untamed beauty of Tasmania’s wild coastline and a genuine love for the atmosphere that envelops a beach buffeted by winter winds. Picture yourself standing on a desolate stretch of sand, the wind whispering secrets through the air, the storm just passed leaving a quiet aftermath in its wake.

After The Storm predominantly features shades of grey and white, blending seamlessly into a harmonious gradient. This interplay of hues creates an ethereal backdrop, inviting the viewer into a world where time seems to stretch, and every breath taken feels instinctively deeper and more meaningful. Striking through the composition is a lighter area, suggesting a horizon or perhaps a distant light source. This light ebbs softly into the surrounding tones, creating a gentle interplay between light and dark, evoking a sense of hope and renewal.

The foreground of the painting offers a more dynamic texture, achieved through a unique process where I mixed plaster with paint. This texture implies reflections on water or soft sand, adding depth and a tactile element to the otherwise minimalist composition. The result is a scene that, while abstract, evokes a profound serenity - a gentle reminder of nature's quiet resilience.

Creating this piece has been an explorative journey – a fusion of my love for the sea, the raw beauty of nature, and the inner peace found in post-storm stillness. It's an invitation, a visual embrace urging one to pause, reflect, and breathe deeply. The blending of colours, the unique textures, and the balanced composition all work together to offer a space where we can find peace and solace.

After The Storm is a sanctuary. A place where the spirit can find balance and calm amidst the chaos of life. Through this piece, I hope to share the beauty I find in those quiet moments following nature's fury, inviting each viewer to feel the same sense of peace that inspired me to create it.

Step into this moment with me, and let After The Storm be a gentle reminder of the calm that follows every storm, the light that seeps into the darkest moments, and the quiet strength inherent in nature and within us all.


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