5 Productivity Tips For Artists

As we approach the end of the year, there may be a few projects you want to finish and goals to reach before the holidays start! Apply these 5 tips to increase your productivity and finish the year on a high.

1. Schedule your work hours.

As artists, we can work any time we want, but often this can lead to disjointed pockets of time where not much gets done. Once you know your most productive hours, and the time you have available to work, schedule this time in your diary and stick to it.

There are two benefits in creating a working schedule. First, you will be mentally prepared to work. You will not procrastinate and put important tasks on the back-burner. Second, you will not find yourself working 24 hours a day.

Scheduling work time during the week will allow you to focus and be more productive on the responsibilities of your job. At the end of the workday, you can unwind and enjoy what matters most to you, your family.

2. Turn off your phone.

Or at least put it on silent and out of sight. When was the last time you did not have your phone within arms reach?

Your phone can easily become a large distraction that will eat up your time faster than anything. Turn off your notifications when it is time to write a post for your artist blog, answer emails, publish on social media or create art in the studio.The notification 'ding' is overpowering. You can try to ignore it but soon you will find yourself easily distracted.

You can schedule a couple of sessions a day to check your notifications and answer emails, such as first thing in the morning and lunchtime.

3. Set the clock I have found that setting time limits for specific tasks help me to be more productive with my time.

Each task will have a specific time allowed. When it is time for me to get started I am mentally prepared to get the job done. This helps to stay focused and not be easily distracted.

I also allow a few minutes between tasks. This allows me to clear my head and get mentally prepared for the next job. Decide how much time you will devote to each task and stick to it. You will soon realise you will be working faster when you know there is a limited amount of time to get the job done.

4. Turn On Music

Have you noticed that some work spaces play soft music in the background?

It is not on because the boss likes to listen to music. In fact, it is because studies have shown that people are more productive with background music. Music has been shown to boost creativity, make repetitive tasks less painful and make people more productive by improving their mood. Give it a try. Turn on some music during your working hours and see if you will be more productive.

5. Set Goals

Setting goals will help you to accomplish jobs that need to get done.The goals you write will give direction and provide a deadline. You will not waste any time wondering what you should be doing. Be careful not to write goals you cannot accomplish. This could produce negative results and discourage you.

The goals you write should be specific, measurable, attainable, timely and relevant. Writing and assessing weekly goals will help you to grow your art business faster than you could have ever imagined.

Bonus Tips

Get Organised Being productive with your time starts with being organised. If you are not organised you could easily find yourself wasting an hour or two during the day looking for things you need. Find specific places for everything. Make it a habit to put everything back where they belong when you are finished using them. Do not wait until tomorrow or the next day. Take 30 seconds and put it away.

Reward Yourself At the end of each day, you should feel proud of everything you have accomplished. Take a few moments to reflect on everything you have done and give yourself a big pat on the back.