Hannah Blackmore (b.1978) is originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, U.K. and now lives in Hobart, Tasmania. Working as an full-time artist from her studio in Salamanca Arts Centre, she enjoys painting the Tasmanian landscape and gains inspiration from the coast.

Creating paintings of the natural world, Hannah's work allows her to continually explore new places and different techniques, inviting the viewer to see nature in different ways. 

Hannah comes from a creative family and has made art all her life, going full-time in 2015. Working in acrylic primarily, her work has significantly evolved over the years since completing a Fine Art degree. 

Hannah seeks inspiration from the environment around her, with the coast being a focal point. Hannah is also studying business and is passionate about helping artists succeed. She has created an online education platform for artists, called This Business of Art.

A passion for travel and adventure resulted in her moving to an island on the other side of the world. However, Jersey always holds a place in her heart. Growing up on a small island meant a close relationship with the sea, which comes through in Hannah's paintings.

Hannah welcomes visitors to her studio in the heart of Salamanca Arts Centre, feel free to get in touch and arrange a time.

You can also find smaller paintings and prints in Off Centre Gallery in Salamanca Arts Centre.



You can see more of Hannah's work on Instagram @hannahblackmoreartist​


Studio Stories, Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery, SAC, September 2020


Isolation, Virtual Exhibition, Online, May 2020


Song of the Sea, Sidespace Gallery, SAC, February 2020


Anatomy of Life with Renae Grundy, Studio Gallery, SAC, October 2019


Solitude, Studio Gallery, SAC, September - October 2019

Colours of Tasmania, Sidespace Gallery, SAC, March 2019


Lost in Tasmania, Studio Gallery, SAC, March 2018

Cockle Creek, Studio Gallery, SAC, April 2017

Animal Magic, Inka Gallery, SAC, October 2016

Tasmanian Landscapes, Studio Gallery, SAC, March 2016


Celebrating Tasmania, Inka Gallery, SAC, July 2015


Making Waves 3, The Harbour Gallery, Jersey, 2011


Making Waves 2, The Harbour Gallery, Jersey, 2008


Making Waves, The Jersey Pottery, Jersey, 2003


Plus numerous group exhibitions over the years.

My Story

Your story, is how your life experience leads you to your life’s work.

I come from a creative family, and my parents encouraged my desire to become an artist, which is not something everyone gets, I know. I worked hard and got accepted by five art schools in England. I decided on Cheltenham, near the Cotswolds, where I spent four years doing a Fine Art Degree. It was a great experience, and I got to go on art trips all over Europe where we visited museums, galleries, and cathedrals. I graduated in 2000, all ready to go and start my BIG career as an artist! 

However, that dream came abruptly to a halt, when I realised, I didn’t know HOW to be an artist. 

I knew how to draw and paint well, and I knew a hell of a lot about the Renaissance, but I had no business skills and no idea how to set up a business. So I did the next best thing, and took a year out to travel around Australia. During that time, I realised I might need to have a plan B. I’d always been interested in health, so when I got back, I started studying Nutritional Therapy in London. I worked for a few years in that field, and enjoyed helping people, however, something didn’t feel right. I felt misaligned, like I wasn’t living the life I was supposed to be living which made me feel frustrated and unfulfilled. I drank regularly to try and suppress these feelings.

But then, a whirlwind romance changed my life forever. I met my future husband, who was travelling around England at the time, and happened to be living in Hobart, Tasmania. I came to Tasmania for a holiday and fell in love with this beautiful island as much as I fell in love with him. We got engaged on the final day of my trip, and I flew home and announced to my friends and family that I was getting married and moving to Tasmania! I packed up my life in three months, and moved out here in January 2012. We were married by March.


I had to wait a year for my visa to come through, and during that time, I took up painting again. I realised how much I’d missed it, and felt fulfilled creatively for the first time in a while. A year later, something sad happened that gave me a huge wake up call. I lost my childhood best friend to cancer. It happened very suddenly, and I wasn’t able to see her before she died. It was the first time I’d lost a friend my age (we were only 35) and it affected me deeply. It made me reassess how I was living my life and I made some big changes that year. I gave up alcohol for good, something I had struggled with in the past, and I wrote a book about it. I decided it was now or never to pursue the art career I dreamed of. I made a commitment to myself that I would explore the potential I felt inside of me. I didn’t want to get to the end of my life, not knowing what could have been. 

Soon after, an opportunity to rent a small studio space in Salamanca Arts Centre presented itself. The space was tiny, with no window and no natural light, but I loved it because it was mine. I taught myself the basics of business and worked hard to develop my skills. It was tough in the beginning with a very inconsistent income, however I felt like I was on the right track, and exactly where I was meant to be. I have now had eight solo shows, sold hundreds of paintings, and have over 2000 people in my community. I have taught people of all ages to paint, had my work in several galleries around Tasmania, and developed a successful range of prints.

The more I learned about business, the more I realised I needed to learn. In 2018, I got offered an opportunity to join Australia’s number one business education program - called Business Blueprint. I jumped at it, not knowing where it would lead, and it changed both my business and my life.

I learnt that business could be extremely creative! And artists needed to know this. While I’m not suggesting all artists go out and get a business degree, I felt like this had to be the key to why a lot of talented artists never make it. I thought; if I can create a business education program just for artists, and build a community of artists who can all support each other, then together we can change the art industry for good! And so, This Business of Art was born.



My latest body of work explores the perception of space in landscapes from different parts of the world. My paintings invite you to connect with colour and nature, and enjoy the effect they have on our well-being. 

I have always been drawn to water, having grown up on an island, and I love exploring this through my work. I find water deeply relaxing and enjoy experimenting with different painting techniques to portray it through my work. I want my paintings to have a calming effect on the viewer, and be peaceful to live with. Art can heal, and we find ourselves drawn to the pieces we need the most. 

Using palette knives to create texture along with a scrubing technique, I can create clouds, skies, sandy shores and seas. I enjoy seeing the paint go on its own journey down the canvas and often stumble across areas of intrigue by trial and error, which often end up in the final piece. It has taken me twenty years to know when to stop painting, when to let go and not overwork a piece. 

I am motivated by beauty, particularly in the natural world and landscape of Tasmania, and love creating joy within viewers through sharing this. The viewer must explore their own intimate connection with art and let themselves be drawn subconsciously to what they like and dislike. 


My studio (235) is in the heart of Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart. I sell my work directly from my studio, from Off Centre Gallery in Salamanca as well as online through my social media platforms and website.

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